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When you sign up for Red Apple Lunch for your camp, you can select the number of lunches you'd like per week and customize your menu selections on a daily and weekly basis.

Orders are due by Friday at midnight the week before camp starts.

Tell us the name of the person you'll be ordering for.

(Don’t worry, if you're ordering for more than one person you’ll be prompted at the end to add another.)

Which camp and weeks will you need lunch for?

Choose your camp from the “Select camp” drop down.

Choose your first week from the “Select Week” drop down.

(Don’t worry, if you’ll need multiple weeks you’ll be prompted at the end to include another)

Choose your days!

Click on each of the days %% name %% will need lunch.

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Let's choose your lunch items for %% cart_items[day_step].properties._day %%!

First, choose a portion size, then your lunch and whether you want a snack or drink.


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