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Who We Are

Red Apple Lunch was started by moms who’ve been in the trenches.

We know firsthand how, between work and family, there isn’t always time to put healthy, delicious school lunches together, so we came up with an easy way to get healthy, homemade school lunches to your kids. We work with our partners to source the best regional ingredients year-round and prep and pack them in a way that’s fun, attractive and good for kids. We promote healthy, balanced eating to support your children throughout their day and update our menu with seasonal items to keep it fresh and exciting. We believe in the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy diet, and in the connection food has with the individual and the community, and we’re dedicated to doing the hard work so we can bring all this together for your family.

For those who need a different type of helping hand, Red Apple Lunch is building a business that’s doing the right thing from the get-go. Millions of children in our country struggle with hunger and many communities aren’t set up to see their children’s greatest potential realized. There’s simply no reason for this and I know we can help, one lunch at a time.

Thank you,

Lisa Farrell

Founder and CEO

About Our Food, Packaging and Waste

At Red Apple Lunch, our healthy lunch options vary throughout the year so we can incorporate the best regional products. We source and prep only the best ingredients to deliver healthy school lunches. Our fruit and veggies come from regional and organic producers, and local artisans bake our bread daily. Our turkey is locally smoaked and free of synthetic nitrates. We bake our treats in-house using WW Flour, organic eggs, butter and milk. Our drinks include organic milk, juice and smoothies, which are made in-house.

We work hard to be zero waste through both giving and composting.
At the end of the week we prep meals for those in need in our community leaving our cupboards just about bare.
For our packaging we use only compostable products and then we close the loop. We bring these back from our schools and camps and partner with Black Earth Compost to turn all this back into nutrient dense compost.

About Our Food

Giving Back

Nearly 16 million children struggle with hunger in the U.S. That means one out of every five children has “limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” Since the 15 counties with more than 100,000 food-insecure children are all in urban areas, fighting hunger in in these regions – including our region, the greater Boston area – can have a huge impact.  

At Red Apple Lunch, we’re committed to doing something about this struggle, and with your help, we can. We absolutely believe that when each of succeeds, we all thrive, so we’ve partnered with the Greater Boston Food Bank agencies to establish a program where we prep and deliver meals for families in need in our community. We are thrilled to not only help you, but to give back to the community as well, and we thank you for helping us make that happen. Together, we can make a difference.

About Our Food